Age old wishes like “Seasons Greetings” or “Happy Diwali” are just what they are; OLD! With the whole world riding high on the new digital wave, how about hopping on the bandwagon and create a greeting that will surprise your family, friends and colleagues and probably inspire them to join in too. This Diwali, it’s time to take motivation from our dear Prime Minister’s dream for a digital India. Let’s inspire a confluence between the traditional festival of lights and the budding digital world. Presenting trendy ways of incorporating popular digital platforms and apps in sending Diwali greetings. Let’s get started!
Start your day with WhatsApp Every morning, even before we open our eyes, our hands are already seeking out phones to check for message updates. From family groups to ‘team bride’ groups, this app is a trusted custodian of many conversations. According to the news reports, WhatsApp tops the list of instant messaging (IM) apps in India with 56% of users and have no doubts about that. How about creating a mini Diwali video message and sharing it with your friends and family?

Plan your activities with Facebook – Apart from updating statuses or logging ‘check-ins’, today, people and celebrities are going gaga over Facebook’s ‘Live’ feature. Initiate your own live session to give a direct sneak-peak into your celebrations. All your friends and family members living in far-away lands would love you for it.

Offerings to Instagram – Be sure to follow your favourite designers, celebrities, food bloggers and chefs etc. and understand what’s the taste of the season. The uber popular photo-sharing platform has become an #InstaFavourite with everyone. Word is that Goddess Lakshmi is doing the rounds on this app via a lot of brands held contests. Therefore, on this Diwali, while we offer sweets to our Gods and goddesses, make sure to upload your picture offerings on the app and reap in the benefits.

Invest in LinkedIn – An SMS text to wish your senior management just wouldn’t make the cut! How about donning the writer’s hat and crafting a small blog appreciating your company’s Diwali efforts for its employees? Sounds like a good idea to us! P.S. – Please ensure your boss is tagged on the post too!

Tweet with the world on Twitter – You’ve wished your family and now it’s time to keep abreast with the world at large. Join in the Diwali conversations with the Diwali hashtag or connect with your favourite celebrity and send them a Diwali greeting. Tweet tweet!

Yo YouTube! – Apart from watching your favourite songs and movie trailers, YouTube is the most sought after platform when it comes to singing Diwali prayers and ‘Aartis’. Just connect your device to the speakers and pray out to the lords in style!

There isn’t much time left. So, don’t wait and start working on your digital Diwali wish! Happy Diwali to all!