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With our Go Digital philosophy, we help Pharma go beyond the “Pill”. We help launch your business in the web universe with well-researched and strategically aligned approach.

Our Digital Strategy approach helps you target the value opportunities Digital Disruption will create in your industry, reinvigorate your business model and mobilize your organization to deliver results.
We adopt the Pharmaceutical approach of “Research and Development”. We help you understand the digital space with core web analytics. We are proud to base all our solutions on carefully researched data backed by facts and figures.

From receivers, Patients are fast emerging as askers of information. With the sudden boom in access to healthcare information available to patients and caregivers, it becomes more and more important for your business to connect with them aggressively.

With the emergence of the E-Patient and digital health, harnessing big data and utilizing the parameters becomes imperative to Pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry. We help you navigate this complex ecosystem with our expert led communications solutions.
Modern medicine is just as much about communication as it is about science. The application of new scientific knowledge is no more important than the tools needed to communicate it. The same way as a doctor's knowledge is no more useful to a patient than what the patient can understand.

We offer some of the best, expert led solutions in Virtual reality, augmented reality, Hologram, Medical conferences, HCP engagements, patient communications, webinars, real time marketing, e-detailers, medical representative training and empowerment, conference management apps, Medical App developments etc.

With our more than 20 years of experience in Pharma and similarly regulated industries, we can proudly say we understand medical communications better than most. We help you navigate through the playground with our specialised offerings across any communication requirements.
Research evidence indicates that there are strong positive relationships between a healthcare team member’s communication skills and a patient’s capacity to follow through with medical recommendations.

Now more than ever, HCP and caregivers are on look out for information, in the age of a information demand market, it has become of paramount importance for Pharma to connect and provide with the HCP information requirements.

We help your brand feature on top of the search results across online and offline platforms. As HCP’s are faced with more information need as well as Pharma’s requirement to persuade them better, we help you align your communications accordingly.
The Internet permeates every aspect of people’s lives and has transformed the way we live and work. This tectonic shift is impacting the traditional interactions of healthcare professionals (HCP) and pharmaceuticals companies.

In any organisation, the sales force determines the financial success of any organisation to a great extent. In case of Pharma and health care, it’s the MR’s job to keep the sales curve healthy, and ours to give them clarity and keep their morale healthy.

We help you empower your Med reps, with latest tools and technology, train them to be the best and help asses the impact they generate.
With our expertise in E-detailers, training programs, medical content development, website and App development, we help you stand above the clutter with quick attention grabbing techniques and state of the art, cost effective technology.

Consumers are growing up on a digital playground in a complex and ever shrinking space, we help brands navigate this ecosystem by decoding the dynamics of Social Media platforms. Armed with core strength in social Media Analytics, Online consumer mapping, Online reputation Report and Online Media Analysis, we help you stand out of clutter and make an impact to last.

We provide creative content in form of gamification tools, interactive apps, real time marketing, social media management, website management, content development, SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Google Adwords campaign and campaign managements to name a few.
With over 1 billion searches conducted everyday, Online media is a booming space for information.

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