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About D Yellow Elephant:

D Yellow Elephant is a digital firm, focusing on the Pharmaceutical and Life-sciences industry offering specialized marketing communications services by integrating technology, medical sciences and communications.
D Yellow Elephant is the region partner in Asia Pacific for DJM Unlimited, a digital healthcare agency based out of London and New York, in establishment since 2001.

With a global footprint in key locations of Delhi, Mumbai, Singapore, London and New York, the firm comes with a deep understanding of the Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare market, offering specialized services in HCP engagements, consumer communications and sales force empowerment.
The key service offerings of the firm includestrategic consulting, concept development, design, technical development, end-to-end platform optimization, execution and measurements.

D Yellow Elephant offers cutting-edge technical and development services like Holograms, virtual reality, gamification platforms, touch less interactions and app developments.

The firm comes armed with 20+ years of core Pharma and Lifesciences expertise, with a clear understanding of the legal and regulatory framework.

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