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Indian Pharma in need of a Digital Pill

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First-of-its-kind study ranks 40 pharma companies in India on their digital health

New Delhi, July 22: Most pharmaceutical companies in India – both multi-nationals as well as domestic – are still shying away from leveraging the huge opportunities that exist on the digital platforms, a new study released by D Yellow Elephant ( on Wednesday revealed.


  • Only 9 out of 40 companies managed a score above 50 out of 100
  • LinkedIn is most popular social media platform, but only 14 companies are active
  • Google+ has a high presence of 87%, but only 1 out of 40 companies is active
  • Only 8 companies have an India specific Facebook page
  • – Twitter showcases 52% active engagements (India and Global handles)
  • Only 12 companies have a Blogger presence
  • Platforms like Slideshare, Instagram and Vine are used by less than 20% rate lower than 20%

Titled ‘Indian Pharma Digital Health Report 2015’, this first-of-its-kind report analyzed as many as 40 pharmaceutical companies in India across 10 key digital parameters, ranging across websites, apps and 10 social media platforms, namely Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Slideshare and Blogger.

The report has segregated all firms in key buckets of Digital Primes, Aspirants and Onlookers basis analyzes of presence, engagement, response, and consumer followership among few key parameters.

According to Mr. Aman Gupta, Managing Director of D Yellow Elephant, “The Pharmaceutical sector in India, whether Indian companies or global players, they are atleast 5-7 years lagging behing there global counterparts and if compared to other sectors, the time lag could go upto 10 years and above. Ironically, some of these same companies abroad are seen to be proactively using digital platforms to engage with health care professionals (HCPs) and patients,” he said, explaining that this report is an attempt to help the pharmaceutical sector entities in India catch up on the time gap, identify the loopholes and help them incorporate digital medium in part of the decision making process.

Highlighting the key findings of the report, Ms. Chandni Dalal, Lead, Digital Strategy at D Yellow Elephant said, “Out of 40 companies surveyed, only 9 companies managed a score above 50 over a scale of 100 points. This shows the reluctance to effectively engage with their stakeholders on the digital platform.”

“The report is an attempt to underline the opportunities that exist and draw a roadmap for these pharmaceutical companies in India to engage better with the HCPs, and the patient community,” she said, that with the advent of smartphones across geographies, it is high time that the potential is realized. “What better way than effectively use these platforms to bridge the gap to healthcare access in a country like ours,” she explained.

According to Ms. Dalal, “Some of the results have been predictive with LinkedIn emerging as the most popular social media platform, with 95% presence; but only about 14 companies showing an active engagement. For their part, pharmaceutical companies in India are venturing on the digital highway, but basic building blocks like having an India specific website is still amiss.” Only 30% companies have an India specific website.

In the age of quantified self, Indian patients and HCPs are exhibiting an expectations market, with the advent of digital health, big data and dialogue exchange; Indian pharma has long stayed behind the curve on social media.

The full report can be downloaded from

About D Yellow Elephant:

D Yellow Elephant is a digital firm, focusing on the Pharmaceutical and Life-sciences industry offering specialized marketing communications services by integrating technology, medical sciences and communications. With a global footprint in key locations of Delhi, Mumbai, Singapore, London and New York, the firm comes with a deep understanding of the Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare market, offering specialized services in HCP engagements, consumer communications and sales force empowerment. D Yellow Elephant offers cutting-edge technical and development services like Holograms, virtual reality, gamification platforms, touch less interactions and app developments.

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Pharma thinking beyond the pill

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Pharma thinking beyond the pill

Times are changing; Pharma companies are becoming more humane in their approach. They are now really working towards connecting and engaging with their consumers at a much deeper level. Technology has truly enabled pharma to take one step further and engage with patients in a much better and consistent manner. I have three great examples of how Pharma is truly focusing on patient centricity by the use of technology and beautifully integrating it with their overall marketing strategies.

The first example is of a famous Biopharmaceutical company investing in the launch of a rare disease website:

Shire biopharmaceutical has launched an awareness website for hereditary angioedema (HAE) as part of its Me, Not HAE campaign. The site allows patients with HAE to share inspirational stories and messages. shire A rare and life-threatening genetic condition, HAE affects about 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 50,000 people, with symptoms including unpredictable swelling in various parts of the body including the extremities, face, abdomen and upper airways.

The second example is of BoehringerIngelheim which has launched iPhone app for patients on Gilotrif (BI’s cancer drug)

Gilotrif The app offers treatment guide for those taking its cancer drug, it also includes branded information about Gilotrif and on what to expect during treatment with the drug. The app, which doesn\’t yet appear to be available in an Android version, also provides \’discussion topics\’ for a patient\’s visits to their doctor and links to patient support sites. Launched in the US in 2013, Gilotrif was Boehringer\’s first cancer drug to reach the market following FDA approval for its use in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) with common epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutations.

The third example is of Leo pharma. It is one of the pharma companies which has become a very socially-active.

In a short time LEO Pharma has the most active Social Media profiles, whether those be its blog, or accounts on Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin or Pinterest – it is also the first Spain pharma company to have an Instagram profile. leo-pharma They had recently won the Premios ASPID award for their #DescubreLaPsoriasis (#DiscoverThePsoriasis) social media campaign. The objective behind this campaign was to increase the awareness of Psoriasis so that people who suffer from this disease could feel better understood by society. The three key highlights of their messaging were: psoriasis is not contagious; psoriasis affects 2 out of every 100 people; and psoriasis is a chronical disease, but it can be controlled. As a result of their efforts, the campaign became viral on various social media networks and reached 11 million people, had more than 6,000 photos and videos published, had 60,000 user interactions and received 30,000 video views.