Three possible avenues of Social Media for Pharma Marketers!


Through my past few client interactions one thing which clearly came out was Pharma marketers apprehensiveness in embracing social media and that was certainly because of the strict regulations that govern these outlets. Hence the challenge lies in finding a mid-way and the safest avenues to maneuver these platforms.

So listed below are three empirical ways through which pharmaceutical companies can leverage social media sites while adhering to government regulations.

  1. Focus on content and aim to become an industry leader

    It has been observed that patients prefer to stay away from pharmaceutical companies who posts medical jargon on their social media sites. What sounds them more assuring and logical is reading other patient stories online hence, recognizing that consumers rely on the experience of others when making decision, pharma companies should use social profiles to share interesting and relevant articles that customers can use and appreciate. Therefore, arobust content marketing strategy can help pharmaceutical manufacturers become industry leaders, which in turn results in greater brand awareness and loyalty because online patient stories are more relatable and accessible to more people. These stories act as virtual word-of-mouth!

  1. Get more creative: use pictures and videos to communicate

    A study found thatPeople remember 80% of what they see and do, 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear.Hence, Pharma marketers should include varied content formats to communicate with their stakeholders. Interesting videos and the use of eye-catching photographs on Twitter and Facebook would definitely lead to high engagement and readability amongst patient communities, support groups etc. These videos could be on patient’s treatment or recovery experience, or it could be Doctors videos on important topics like healthy lifestyle and treatment compliance.

  1. The Power of Online Patient Communities

    Social media enables people to be better health consumers by giving them peers’ views on health products and services.People are increasingly going online to seek patients like themselves, as well as friends and family online, for clinical and emotional support in dealing with their health or a remedy for an everyday health issue. A number of pharmaceutical companies have found success on social media platforms by creating communities focused around medical conditions and holding informational question and answer sessions.

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